Portable Scanner Accessories

Portable scanner accessories such as a spare battery or extra SD memory card could be very useful things to keep inside your laptop bag. Portable document scanners are now very popular with many people and they are close to rivalling traditional flatbed scanners as the scanner of choice for today's computer user.

Portable Scanner Accessories

A few years ago portable scanners were seen as nothing more than a gimmick or a fad. At the time, the problem was that these portable scanning devices could not replicate the scan quality or resolution of a flat bed or traditional desktop scanner. However, as technology has improved, portable document scanners offer just as much quality as regular scanners. Not only that but they are also more functional, versatile and are available at a fraction of the cost.

Portable Scanners – A Must in Every Laptop Bag

Some people think that mobile scanners and portable scanner accessories are a waste of time and that this sort of peripheral device is just another unnecessary gadget that will only contribute towards cluttering up the office or your workspace. However, people who think like this are missing out on all the benefits that a portable scanning device can bring.

Convenient Accessories for Your Scanner

There are a couple of portable scanner accessories that can really help to make things convenient for you when it comes to scanning documents on the move. By carrying a pair of extra batteries for you scanner, in case your regular batteries run out of power is one way of ensuring you will still be able to scan a large number of documents.

Many portable scanners are powered by 2 x AA batteries so it will not take much for you to ensure you carry a pair of these batteries with you in your laptop bag at all times. Why not try rechargeable batteries so you will save on constantly renewing them.

  • Duracell rechargeable batteries are available at a reasonable price of £9.99

Carrying a spare SD memory card can also be useful to ensure that you have enough memory to store all your scanned documents. Portable scanners will normally come with a 2 GB SD card as standard but many devices can support cards that have a storage capacity of up to 32 GB. With a memory card of this size you could store thousands of scan images, even with documents that have been scanned using the highest resolution could still be stored thousands of times on a card of this storage capacity.

  • Sandisk 32 GB SD card - £34.99
  • Sandisk 32 micro SDHC - £45.99

If you are constantly on the move then you may find that your scanner can get damaged easily. Why not protect it with a portable scanner carry case.

  • Vupoint Solutions hard carry case - £19.99

The Cheapest Scanner Accessories Are Available Online

The best place in which to buy portable scanner accessories is online. Many websites who supply a wide range of different portable scanners will also stock accessories such as spare batteries, SD cards and even carry cases. It can be a good idea to buy your portable scanner and accessories at the same time so you will have everything you could possibly need in order to start scanning documents.

Search online today for the lasted portable scanner accessories.

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