Handheld Portable Scanner

A handheld portable scanner can be useful by anyone who is looking to scan documents and images whilst on the move. Regardless of whether you need a wide range of scanned images for your work, business, or if you are just an enthusiastic amateur photographer who wants to scan some of their old photographs, a portable handheld scanner can be very beneficial.

Handheld Portable Scanner

These are very different from a flatbed scanner; a handheld portable scanner is much smaller and weighs a lot less than a regular scanner. Because it is so lightweight it can easily be put inside a laptop or luggage bag and carried around to different locations. For this reason, these types of scanners are increasing in popularity as many people see the portability and convenience a device like this can offer as a major advantage.

Do Your Research Before You Buy

Before buying a handheld portable scanner it can be a wise move to do some research before you make that all important purchase. It is important that you evaluate all your needs and requirements and properly consider exactly what sort of things you will need to scan. If you intend to scan a lot of photographs then it could be beneficial choosing a scanner that has a high resolution or DPI capability.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Make sure you get the spec you need.
  • The most expensive brands don't always represent the best value for money.
  • Do you need photo quality scans or just normal ones?
  • Is battery life important to you?
  • How many times do you need to use it?

If you intend to scan a lot of documents such as business cards or pages from books then you might want to choose a scanner that is capable of scanning a large amount of text in only a couple of seconds.

A User Friendly Device For All

The other great thing about a handheld portable scanner is that it is very easy to use and you do certainly not need a degree in computer science to be able to use one. There is no learning process required as is sometime the case with some of the more expensive and complex flatbed scanners. The handheld scanner works using just a single button and allows you to scan images and documents in just a couple of seconds. There really isn't that much to it!

  • The handheld scanner can be quickly connected to a laptop or PC via a USB cable so it will easily be compatible with all modern computers.
  • Some handheld scanners even come with their own USB memory card so you can easily store your scanned images and use them at a later date. Using an SD card also makes sharing images easy too.
  • Many portable scanners will come with their own software that can be installed onto your computer.
  • This software will also assist you when scanning or downloading images from the device itself.

Electronic Copies for Life

Where a handheld portable scanner really comes into its own is if you need to scan documents or photographs. Scanning documents is a great way of making copies of important documents so that you always have a copy of them should something happen to them in future. By scanning the documents you can then store them on a computer securely and access them anytime you want to.

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