About Portable Scanners

If you want to know about portable scanners then the main thing to remember that this device is specifically designed to scan documents and images onto a computer so that they can be stored as a digital file.

About Portable Scanners

A portable device such as a scanner that you can take with you on the move is perfect for anyone who travels often. Business people can easily take this type of scanner with them when they are going to a meeting or corporate event. Someone who has an interest in photography or old photographs can now scan them and save them as a digital image.

Portable and Flatbed Scanners

For people who are thinking about portable scanners over flatbed scanners then it is important to know how these two devices are different. A portable scanner is exactly as the name implies:

  • It is a portable device that enables you to scan documents and images on the move, where as a flatbed scanner is normally stationary and cannot be moved around.
  • A portable scanning device is also very lightweight when compared to a flatbed scanner.
  • It is also a lot smaller in size and can easily fit into a laptop bag and taken to and from different locations.
  • You can scan images and documents very quickly and efficiently no matter where you are.

A Very Functional Device

Another thing to consider about portable scanners is that they are very functional and generally very easy to use, which makes scanning documents and pictures a simple and uncomplicated process. Don't be fooled into thinking that a portable device of this kind will be full of hundreds of different buttons and menu options, because it won't. However, it will have all the options and functionality that you need, whilst still being incredibly user friendly.

  • A portable device such as this can easily be connected to a laptop, notebook or pc via a USB connection, so within a couple of second you could be connected to your laptop or pc and scanning documents.
  • The USB connection means you do not need an alternative power source to be able to use this device because it will be powered by the USB connection, which again, is another benefit.

Software Options and Capabilities

When looking for information about portable scanners, you should also consider the software capabilities of the particular device you are looking at. Some devices come complete with software that will enable you to scan hundreds of business cards so that the contact information can be automatically imported into your email software ready for use. This can be useful if you go to a trade show, corporate event, or business meeting.

Other software that is available enables you to digitally retouch and improve existing photographs on your computer. This can be particularly useful for old photographs that might be slightly damaged or faded.

For the latest news and reviews about portable scanners, look online where there is a wide range of information available of these handy little devices.

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