Cost of Portable Scanners

If you have been looking at document scanning devices then you will know that the cost of portable scanners varies considerably depending on the make, model and retailer.

Cost of Portable Scanners

There are many different types of scanners that are available in today's market place. As these types of devices increase in popularity, it seems that almost every high street electronics retailer will sell some form of portable scanning device, that's not to mention specialist computer outlets and online stores.

The increase in popularity of these scanners is mainly down to their convenience and ease of use. For the first time ever, people are now able to scan documents or pictures anywhere simply be connecting their scanner via a USB port of their laptop or computer.

Prices May Vary Depending On your Needs

As mentioned, the cost of portable scanners varies depending on a number of different factors. The more features a scanner has the more it is likely to be priced higher. High resolution scanners or ones that have document feeders will cost more than ones that just offer standard scanning facilities.

Generally speaking, portable document scanners are available anywhere in the region of £50 to £200.

Electronic scanners that also offer colour capabilities will usually cost more than ones that do not. Colour Cameras, printers and photocopiers are always more expensive than black and white devices and it is no different when it comes to scanners.

Other Factors That May Affect Your Choice

There are some other factors that can influence the cost of portable scanners and these include things like:

  • Double sided scanning that allows you to insert a double sided document and have the device scan both sides without you having to turn the document around will also have an impact on the cost.
  • The size of the scanner itself will also play a part in how much you pay for your new device. As with many electronic devices, less is definitely more and the smaller the scanner (in terms of size) the more you are likely to pay.
  • The number of pages per minute that the device is capable of scanning will also cost you more money. For example, a scanner that can scan approximately 30 pages per minute will probably cost in the region of £200, or maybe more.

Different Retailers, Different Prices

The cost of portable scanners will also vary depending on where you purchase your device. Many electronic stores that you can find in the high street will offer some sort of range in portable document scanners.

Specialist computer outlets can also be a good place to purchase computer equipment, and whilst you will be able to get expert advice on what sort of scanning device to buy you always end up paying a little more than you would expect to pay anyway.

Shopping online for a portable scanner can also be a good idea as this can often work out cheaper than buying from a high street retailer or specialist computer shop.

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